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Jesus was under an obligation, he had no choice, he was committed. Are we as devoted. Paul writes, for an obligation is laid on me, and woe to me if I do not proclaim the gospel! I am entrusted with a commission. This Sunday, recommit to proclaiming and living the Gospel, renew the responsibility of your commitment, your obligation to serving the Lord, become all things to all people. Imagine, being filled with a knowledge, a knowing supported in wisdom, not one that simply puffs up our own ego, but expresses the love of God with the word of God.

Moses spoke of the prophet who would do just this for the people. Jesus could walk into a space; a temple, synagogue, even assemble on the side of a mountain where he would speak and teach with authority, the healing word of God. The love of God fulfilled through wisdom by the Holy Spirit can and will enrich us all if we only seek it, test it and be guided by this wisdom which sheds light on true knowledge and understanding.

Hear the knowledge from the word of God through the voice of Jesus. Join us for refreshments after the service; coffee, tea, a few sandwiches and meet a new friend in Christ. Jesus knowing the time now, was right for the fulfilment of his own ministry, called out to others to follow him as apostles, as disciples; to repent, and believe in the good news. It was the appointed time, that through grace they were called and accepted into the Service of God.

Many responded on the first call, some were granted a second chance. Is today your second chance, your appointed time, your time of fulfilment, to allow your calling to come to fruition. Accept the call to follow Jesus in service to the Lord, and be strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

Welcome and acknowledge Jesus as Messiah, calling you today, to share the blessing of the word of God, witness and testify to the true light which enlightens everyone. So, what is the next day in your life? We too are called as prophets and disciples to serve the people. Prepare your spirit to hear Gods calling in your life. See each day as the next day in a series of critical moments to be the prophet, the apostle and disciple. Aspire in your own gifts set apart by God for you before you were born.

Kenn Knopp (Author of Reise in die ewige Weisheit)

You are being called by God, today and the next day; come hear the voice of God calling you. Welcome and acknowledge Jesus as Messiah, calling you today, then share the blessing of the word of God as a witness, testify to the true light which enlightens everyone. Sunday January 7 — Even God could not withhold emotion at this event: An epiphany is a sudden realization or a showing forth. This is who we are called to be: This is our task, our challenge, our inspiration. At our baptism we, too, are anointed with the Holy Spirit. As we continue to reach out to our community, as we reach out to others, be open to the Holy Spirit, rejoice in the sudden realization that Jesus has come.

Know Him, and make Him known to others.

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As we approach the completion of one year and move towards the hopes of another, we find ourselves in a world in need of consolation. A world made up of peoples, seeking someone or something to comfort the suffering. Simeon was a devout man looking for the consolation of Israel. The Spirit moved within him and he recognized his promise to see his salvation; Master, according to your word; my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the presence of all peoples.

Simeon took Jesus and folded his arms around him; he saw his salvation. His purpose and meaning in life realized. See and embrace the salvation of your life, allow the meaning and purpose of your life to be revealed. Our consolation, our redemption has come. Acknowledge Jesus as Messiah in your life, then share the blessing of the word of God as a witness, testify to the true light which enlightens everyone. A sign; an indication, a gesture, a warning, a guidepost. Sometimes just a few words that bring us into a place we were not before. It is in this grace, so simple and yet hard to grasp that we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.

Witness this hope, grasp the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, See and know the sign the Spirit is showing you this day, this time. Reading upon reading, words said, sung and prayed. Prophetic words to be treasured; kept and preserved, and in this comes our hope, peace, joy and love. A few words from someone, as they are worked over in our minds can bring us to an understanding of hope in our own lives. Often in the insecurity of the moment, we confirm and discover our purpose and meaning, all within the mystery of God. We have to wonder now as we approach Christmas Eve, are our own lives any different from Mary who had heard the word of God, was encouraged by her husband Joseph, by Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist, and again by shepherds who travelled miles to glorify the word of God.

As Mary did time and again, ponder the inherent capability of Gods powerful word to find purpose and meaning in your life today. Welcome and acknowledge Jesus as Messiah in your life, then share the treasure in the word of God as a witness, testify to the true light which enlightens everyone. How often do we ponder, How can this be? Our baptism reserves our place in the kingdom of God; reaffirm your baptism this Sunday as we welcome our newest member to our gathering of community. Welcome and acknowledge Jesus as Messiah in your life, allow the Holy Spirit to overshadow you, to guide your path to know Jesus as your saviour this Christmas.

Come, join us this Sunday at AM to hear and participate in the prophetic readings of the coming of our Lord, our saviour. Find reassurance and peace, in hope feel the joy and come to know the love of God for you and yours always. The way, timeless as the word of God, prepared and shown to us with a peace and patience in continual perpetuation. The way beckons all to receive the salvation of the Lord. From the early prophets; Isaiah gives encouragement to a people oppressed, calling to a time when a messenger of God would point to the long awaited Messiah.

A series of never-ending, enduring introductions and acknowledgements of our salvation through Jesus Christ by others. Individuals who have lifted up their voice, who lead the way and in doing so, create a progressive succession of leaders who prepare the way of the Lord for others. Be fulfilled by accepting the promise of the word of God; The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God will stand forever. Strive to be found at peace, by Jesus who will prepare the way for you, and others through you.

Starting on Sunday, the altar frontal — the cloth decorating the altar — will be the deep blue of the night sky, or a solemn royal purple, as we wait to hear the story of the star rising in the east and for the glorious day to arrive. The Gospel reading for the day will remind us that there is so much more to this season of waiting than pretty, shiny decorations.

Join us this Sunday, to be inspired by the message of Tania Lesack and blessed through worship and praise; then stay a little while after the service to enjoy Epiphany hospitality with refreshments. A good shepherd lays down their life for the sheep; John Rev Annie Ittoshat is a wonderful example of a shepherd who goes out, finds, cares for and tends those who she has been called to serve. Come out this Sunday to hear how the spirit moves her daily to go where others may fear to go.

Be inspired to step away from your fears or hesitations that may keep you from serving your community. Join us this Sunday, to be inspired and blessed through worship and praise; then stay a little while after the service to enjoy Epiphany hospitality with refreshments. Jesus continues to prepare his followers for his going away and for his inevitable return one day. How often do we think about what we have been given in resources and duty as our own account? We have been given and called to walk in good stewardship with the resourcefulness according to an ability prepared for us in advance Ep 2.

We have been entrusted with a few things now to prepare us to enter into the joy of our Lord. Are we awake and ready to go off at once to work with what we have been assigned, or in shyness, timidness and even guilt do we hold back from reaching the impact with the gifts we have been enabled? Exercise your gifts with an ability and impact that brings Glory to the Kingdom of God. Strive unto good works and walk in them; the gifts of God for the people of God.

Join us this Sunday, then stay a little while after the service to enjoy Epiphany hospitality with refreshments. Paul says, therefore encourage one another with these words. He gives them informed words of hope and understanding of life, death and the resurrection of Jesus, our hope and faith for our own rising to glory. Where are we, are we ready to hear the trumpet call. As we stand in remembrance by the great monuments as in the time of Joshua, are we in keeping with the ordinances of God; to love the one God before all others?

This weekend as we remember in a true hope for the many who in service have died, receive the hope of Jesus Christ in your own life; be and reciprocally encourage one another in the eternal life of Jesus Christ. Lest we forget those who gave their all and lest we forget the Lord our God; Remember the sabbath, come to know the peace of eternal life. Claim your place at the great banquet feast of our Lord, Sunday Eucharist. Therefore encourage one another with these words; The Lord our God we will serve. Then stay a little while after the service to enjoy Epiphany hospitality with refreshments.

However for this vow to be engaged, we must give to the world that which is the worlds but to God, we must give all that is our commitment and promise, no exceptions, no negotiations. Yes, receive and renew the Baptism of our Lord, be filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, strive and fulfill your pledge. Do not forget the Lord our God; claim your right of Baptism. Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in the banquet of fellowship which leads to a renewal in your life and in the lives of others. The King, our Lord has prepared a great banquet The invitations have been sent.

Through negotiation, many have refused the request to attend and participate in the feast for the Son of God. From Luke, the justification is the need to try out a new means of transportation, new machinery for work or to spend time with family. Rejected, the great provider turns his face from those who have also turned their face. The welcome is redirected to those who will listen, those who realize; nothing could be better than a feast by the King for his Son. The invitation is Non-Negotiable. They attend and in this they are blessed physically and spiritually, with the peace of eternal life.

Over the years, these past few decades, Sunday worship and fellowship has become Negotiable, resulting in an acknowledgement with only what ever is left in time, energy or in our gifts. God is calling us to our first love, to accept the invitation to the banquet, to be called and saved from the shadow of anxiety, fear and loneliness. Claim your seat at the great feast of our Lord, Sunday Eucharist.

The gift given and received is the grace of Jesus Christ; the same grace that healed the ten who showed from their outside a need for inner healing, a renewal that only comes from a faith restored by the grace of God. But the other nine, where are they… Had they become complacent in an expectation of what perhaps was owed to them as children of Israel, children of the church. Yet it is the foreigner, the stranger who comes back and rises up, who returns to worship the Lord our God. Rise and go, bringing grace to the nations, remembering to enter into the house of the Lord, to give thanks; allowing your faith to make you well.

Being careful that we do not forget the Lord our God, failing to observe his instructions, that we have been given for this day. Gather with us this Sunday at the Lords table of Thanksgiving. Receive Grace, his indescribable gift. Come and gather to worship him. Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in the grace of fellowship that leads to a Thanksgiving in your life and in the lives of others. It is up to us; we can not fall back on our parents or anyone else.

Ezekiel refutes the old law that the sins of the parents are passed on to the children; we are free to act, to turn away and to turnaround. The authority of Jesus calls us to follow him, knowing some will turn and some will refuse. Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in our vineyard of fellowship that leads to a turning around in your life and in the well being of others.

It takes a great storm, a great fish and three days in the heart of the sea to convince him to do otherwise. What can we learn from a reluctant prophet who takes God to task for his mercy and loving kindness? Rise up, continue to see where the Lord is calling you in these changing times and circumstances, let go of the past and seek a future and a peace in Christ. Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in a fellowship that leads to a welcoming of change, in your life and others.

Joseph contained forgiveness for his brothers without harbouring resentment and bitterness because he knew, he was in the place of God. A place, God intended for good. Peter asks Jesus, how many times should we forgive, up to seven; and Jesus responds, seventy-sevens. Could it be, we are encouraged to forgive times; could this mean we are called to be continually in forgiveness and reconciliation?

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Forgiveness experts differ in how many times or steps we need to find ourselves in forgiveness, some say four, others nine, but most narrow forgiveness down to seven steps that bring us to a true remission. Pardon begins deep within ourselves and then in time, is transferred and encompassed by the person or situation that caused the friction.

Rise up, seek the pardon and forgiveness of our Lord who calls us into the peace of Christ to serve our community in ways of mercy and amnesty. Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in a fellowship that leads to a renewal of gifts, in your life and others. This Sunday, call on and receive a blessing of wisdom. Imagine, an understanding of the law kept within our hearts. That we would turn our eyes from watching what is worthless in order to have life in our ways -Ps And of Jesus, the son of a carpenter, a brother, one from the people they asked, what is this wisdom by whose hands great deeds of power, of wisdom are done?

Do we want to become followers? This being a municipal election year, people are denying themselves, choosing and following a leader, grasping the cause and platform of the party. Are we ready to take up our cross, the cause and platform, the symbol of everything we want to stand for that is represented in the cross and following of Jesus Christ. What we stand for is much more than the button we wear on our lapel or the cross we wear around our neck.

What we stand for is represented in all we do all the time in our expression of faith in action, to hold fast to what is good; to love one another with mutual affection and to outdo one another in showing honour to those we have been called to serve. Move from the sidelines, stand up, take a stand with the cross that calls you to serve your community in bold new ways that we could only hope to imagine. In pursuing righteousness, seek the Lord, the perfect and just balance. Come to know that we have been hewn from the rock and rescued from the quarry through the salvation found in the strong arm of the Lord Is Simon son of Jonah was called to be the rock on which the church of Christ is built.

Unlock the word of God with the keys of the kingdom of heaven; let it to speak from your heart; be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Seek and discover your purposes. Realize your function in accordance with your faith within the body of the church; the rock of salvation. Serve, teach encourage, give generously, lead diligently and show mercy cheerfully Rom Prepare yourself for the return of Jesus the Christ. Isaiah encourages the peoples who approach the Lord, not to desecrate the sabbath, but to keep the covenant.

The Canaanite woman, also known as the Greek Phoenician woman, the foreigner, came to Jesus with a pure heart, a heart of faith. A faith that could be pushed by Jesus to the point where even he was amazed. From her heart of pure faith, her daughter, her longevity was healed. Allow the word of God to speak from your heart; keep the Sabbath, present yourself, your gifts on the altar of God. For as the days of Noah were, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. Eight people were saved through water, and like our baptism we too have been saved as an appeal to God for a good conscience 1Tim.

But now in a world that is too busy to remember the sabbath, what do we have to celebrate? In a world where specie after specie; that we have been given dominion over, disappears, what do we have to celebrate? Take back the dominion we have been given, seek a good conscience in a renewal of your baptism this Sunday; prepare yourself for the return of Jesus the Christ.. Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in a fellowship that leads to a new creation, in your life and others.

The blind could see, the deaf would hear, the lame walk and thousands fed. Call upon the Lord in prayer, come to know the majesty and eternal life of Christ. Walk though the cloud of fear and come to know the awesomeness of God, allow the majesty of Jesus to be revealed to you, in who and to what you have been called as you are. Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in a fellowship that leads to a transfiguration in your life and others. The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field.

Have we abandoned what is destined for us obscure and concealed, dormant and inactive? Jacob worked 14 years for his dream, his treasure and future. He saw and realized what was his, given to him by God, although with and under the traditions of man and culture. Like the parable of the buried treasure, we have been given this place to dig, plant, grow and nurture for us, for our neighbours and collective future generations.

Take-up this field aware of the existing culture and aware that a hidden treasure is ready to be revealed. The peace of Christ from the word of God; to love God, to love our neighbour as ourselves. Recognize the kingdom of heaven; search the word of God, for you, for your generations and for those to whom we have been called. Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in a fellowship that leads to discovering the treasure.

He anointed the stone with oil and forever that place of metanoia, the turning point in his life and of generations to come would stand for a people with promise, a promise from the creator. Jacob had a dream, Martin Luther King Jr. Do you have a dream or are you just dreaming? How ever your calling or purpose for being comes to you, without action, your purpose is just a poof of smoke or a cloud of a dream.

Jesus calls us to grow among the weeds, to flourish and provide as the mustard seed grows to be a bush of shelter. We are called to be the yeast worked into the community, to be kneaded as dough, in a way to allow this community to rise again, to sustain itself with the bread of life in Jesus Christ. Stop dreaming and act on the dreams of your heart. Anoint your place and your vision with oil, step out into the fields that have been provided for us. Be tested and empowered with a renewal in what God has for your ministry and calling. Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in a fellowship that leads to a fulfilment of dreams.

When we are called to be something or invited to be a part of making a difference, do we shy away, or give it up to someone else, Are we like Esau who gave up his birthright for another to step into his place? The parable of the sower draws attention to the one who hears but turns away, of others who are attentive but only for a short while, but encourages us all to be like the one who hears, who listens and does something with the opportunity and experience; a chance that could mean a strategic difference in our own lives but more, in the situations of others. In serving our community, we have been called to make a difference and can, if we answer in sincerity.

Continue in making a decision to serve your community in love and respect for your neighbour. Join us this week as we listen to what motivates one of our city councillors; hear why she continues to be moved and motivated in a life dedicated to serving the well being of our neighbours.

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Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in a fellowship that leads to serving. Do we hear the utterance of God calling us? Do we respond in a faith tested, tried and established when we are asked to give to God the most precious part of our life, that which is our promise, our whole reason for being now and into our legacy?

With faith Abraham journeys to the mountain to worship with his only son, alone, to be one with God. Their promise of eternal life is provided in something that was already there behind them.

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The testing of their faith, becomes an example and witness for nations and generations. Claim this faith in your own lives; give to God and give to those we are called to know and love. Jesus calls us in faith to the parched, to those in need of a cup of salvation, that cup of living water. Allow yourself to hear the spirit, allow your faith to empower you to new depths of boldness and sincerity in loving and caring for our neighbours. Give to God all that is precious in your life, your future. Follow your faith, follow your appointment, join us in worship and praise to be a disciple of our Lord, Jesus.

Then stay a little while after to enjoy Epiphany hospitality in a fellowship that leads to peace. Imagine Sarah, a mature woman, instructs Abraham to send away the other woman and his legal son, all due to the mocking of a teenager. Hagar, encompassed within a faith that needs to be proven daily, leaves Abraham with the promise of her son and heads out into the wilderness. In this she receives her freedom and her faith is fulfilled.

Jesus confirms that we will also have division in our families. Though he is the prince of peace, he also represents the sword of truth, the word of God which can slice between fiction and fact. Jesus becomes the balance of wisdom and justice that discerns and separates with the new covenant; to love the Lord your God and one another. Be drawn to your promise in truth rather than the mockery of this world.

Begin being like the teacher, join us in worship and praise to follow Jesus. Then stay a little while after to enjoy fresh coffee and delicious sandwiches in a fellowship that leads to peace. What does it mean to welcome the stranger? What does it mean to be a welcoming person? This week, we hear the story of Abraham and Sarah welcoming three strangers who bring an incredible message from God. Like Abraham and Sarah, God invites us into a special partnership: This Sunday I invite you to ask God what you can do to become a partner with God in welcoming the stranger.

Become a partner with God in the great promise of bringing healing, forgiveness, support and peace to our world. Then stay a little while after to enjoy fresh coffee and delicious sandwiches in a fellowship that welcomes the stranger. With this responsibility, our mandate in all authority is to govern and reign, to fill the earth. However, running on our own power and prerogative we fail and our world becomes troublesome. We have been accredited to follow in the authority of the new covenant of Jesus Christ.

We are motivated to strive for full restoration, to encourage one another to be of one mind and to live in peace. Accept and realize within yourself the new creation found in the authority of Christ, that we are created in the image of God, in the likeness of the one who is able to baptize, to teach and make disciples of all nations. Peter speaks to the nations, the scattered of the diaspora who have come specifically back to Jerusalem for the great feast, and in this they are fed with the Holy Spirit.

And each one hears in their own language the wonders of God, each one called to receive forgiveness, to give forgiveness, as spoken and revealed over time from the prophets, from the words of Jesus and now from Peter and his comrades and peers. The scattered nations hear and receive the message in the language and culture they have come to know. We are called to express the good news to those who have been called back to our doorstep; the spirit has been breathed upon us to witness in the language and means and manners off those who come seeking the word of God.

Let the Spirit move your soul, your voice to be proclaimed fresh and new in the language of those who have come to hear. Be open to listen and allow forgiveness to be understood from your lips. Join with us for worship, for prayer and the breaking of bread. Jesus prays to the Father, our creator, to be glorified through his teaching and nurturing of all the peoples the Father has given him. Then in praying for his disciples, he prays for us; acknowledging that we have heard and accepted his word; that in him we have eternal life. His prayer is specific that we may also be as one, as the son and the father are as one.

We have been called to unity, to know, to believe and to work as one with one another in the Holy Spirit, to be a witness to the world from the centrepiece of Jerusalem. We are called to reach out from the centre of our city, our space, our comfort zone to the places where we may not be comfortable; to the ends of the earth. This Sunday leave the comfort zone of your pew, or even the peace of your home to reach out and be called as a witness to the Spirit of Truth in all that God has done, even to the ends of the earth. Is this the Sunday, when the unknown God that Paul speaks of becomes known as the Lord, the Christ; that we would seek Jesus and perhaps reach out for and find our Christ.

Jesus has promised us peace in the the Spirit of Truth. It is through this that Christ becomes tangible to us. Love Jesus, observe His commands, continue to know him, for Jesus abides with you and will be in you. This Sunday; move from the unknown, abide in the love of Jesus. Receive the Spirit of Truth. Do we believe the words, have we acknowledged the evidence, are we convinced, or is our belief a matter of opinion, something that is or is not. Believe that Jesus is indeed the cornerstone of our faith.

Some voices can be immediately recognized in the tone, the pitch and the expression from whom the utterance belongs. They came to know his voice and were devoted to the truth in his words and actions. We live in a world where consumerism has become like the voice of another, a religion jumping the gate and stealing from our minds, from our time and our actions. Two disciples walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus on the day Jesus rose from the dead. A man joined them — the resurected Jesus — but they did not recognize him. Jesus taught them from the Old Testament what was predicted about him.

Their physical eyes were blinded but their eyes of faith opened as Jesus opened the scriptures to them. Jesus makes that journey today with each of us. Continue to celebrate our Risen Lord with Epiphany. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe. Yes happy and in peace are you who have received a new birth into a living hope. That your whole being can embrace and live in hope; a hope of peace and eternal life from forgiveness.

Journey into Wisdom Everlasting

And this hope comes from the breath of the Spirit. Peter speaks to the men of Judea; he explains why simple folk could speak and be understood by the multitude which had gathered together. The nations assembled in Jerusalem were bewildered because each one was hearing the essence and implication of the mighty works of God spoken and understood in their own language. From the spirit filled word, people hungry for peace came to believe and receive their own living hope in Jesus Christ.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit, allow the mighty works of God to be expressed by your living hope as you fulfill your calling to speak with clarity to the nations. We have witnessed in Holy week Jesus with his followers, preparing them for what will happen to him in Jerusalem. Through prayer and example he has revealed to them a life where they will live and rely on the Holy Spirit. The days leading up to his crucifixion and finally being laid in the tomb were circumstances of betrayal, denial and being scuttled from one judge to another.

However the tomb is now empty, the stone has been rolled away and Christ has met those who have gone seeking him in humble respect. And they came to him, clasped his feet and worshiped him. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me. This Cup , the coveted cup desired and wished for by many and yet, how many of us can endure to achieve this cup of Christ and all it stands for. We witness of the many from sports, only a handful will win the cup, only those who have endured, those who have stayed awake and watched with an intentional discipline. Jesus is the new sacrificial lamb, he is the new covenant represented in the blood of this cup, the cup of Christ poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

Are we ready to grasp it and to embrace what it means to take this cup, our lot and portion, our daily measure of our calling and service to God… We are not alone as we ponder and struggle, time and again missing opportunities as though we too had fallen asleep on our watch. Like the disciples, we realize even with our pledge, how difficult is the reality of life. And yet through prayer, by being awake with God, we are led from temptation, we are shown that in sharing in this cup of Christ, the Lord is indeed with us. Awaken this Sunday, early in the morning to spend time in prayer, find your garden of Gethsemane, then come and take the Eucharistic cup, this cup of thanksgiving and of forgiveness.

Welcome Christ into your life singing Hosanna, Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace; if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you. Because the Spirit gives life; your spirit is alive. But his body, the flesh had gone dormant and although Lazarus was in a tomb for days, Jesus brought him back to life.

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