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Book 10 Enemy in Sight! Book 11 The Flag Captain Book 12 Signal -- Close Action!

Beyond the Reef

Book 13 The Inshore Squadron Book 14 A Tradition of Victory Book 15 Success to the Brave Book 16 Colours Aloft! Book 17 Honour This Day Book 18 The Only Victor Book 19 Beyond the Reef Book 20 The Darkening Sea Book 21 For My Country's Freedom Book 22 Cross of St George Book 23 Sword of Honour Book 24 Second to None Book 25 Relentless Pursuit Book 26 Man of War Book 27 Heart of Oak Book 28 In the King's Name Bolitho, protecting English shipping lanes, faces pirates, savage islanders, and mutiny.

England is again at war. France continues a bitter struggle for supremacy on land and sea; the Great Mutiny cripples the Royal Navy at home. Britain and France wrangle over the colonial possessions. Bolitho, despatched to the Caribbean, finds diplomacy insufficient.

Beyond the Reef

Anticipating the French fleet, Bolitho faces war at close quarters, and revives a vendetta with the French admiral, Jobert. Napoleon holds Portugal and threatens Spain. Bolitho goes to the Cape of Good Hope to establish a permanent naval force. Admiral Bolitho is summoned to London.

In the wake of the War of , Admiral Bolitho fights fruitless skirmishes. His nephew Adam rises to grueling challenges. Adam captains a frigate off America. The eve of Waterloo.

Adam Bolitho, captain of Unrivalled, stands alone at the dawn of a new era, poised to take up his legacy. Adam Bolitho in Antigua in the aftermath of war, hunts a quarry that flies no colors, offers no quarter, and traffics in human life. The war with France has ended.

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Captain Adam Bolitho is given command of the newly commissioned frigate Onward and sent to North Africa on a diplomatic mission to accompany the French frigate Nautilus in a show of solidarity. Captain Adam Bolitho must make a fast passage from Plymouth to Freetown in West Africa with secret orders for the senior officer there. The slave trade has been declared illegal but over a hundred thousand slaves are shipped out annually, the profit considered worth the risk of interception by the Royal Navy.

sloop of war richard bolitho book 6 richard bolitho 16 Manual

Returning home after eighteen months' continuous service, Flag Captain Richard Bolitho finds himself at the centre of the crisis. And his new commander, it seems, is a man who will brook no interference Richard Bolitho is summoned to the Admiralty to receive his orders for a difficult and thankless mission The recent Peace of Amiens is already showing signs of strain as old enemies wrangle over colonies won and lost during the war.

In the little gun Achates, Bolitho sails west for the Caribbean, to hand over the island of San Felipe to the French.

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  • But diplomacy is not enough. With the Peace of Amiens in ruins, he must leave the safety of Falmouth. What lies ahead is the grim reality of war at close quarters - where Bolitho will be called upon to anticipate the overall intention of the French fleet. But the battle has also become a personal vendetta between himself and the French admiral who formerly sailed the Argonaute.

    England stands alone against France and the fleets of Spain, anticipating invasion. Vice-admiral Richard Bolitho has his own troubles to settle at home too.

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    But his time on land is broken by an urgent summons from the King. Once more Bolitho hoists his flag above the veteran gun ship Hyperion and sets sail - this time with a new squadron headed for the Caribbean. Bolitho's instructions are to assist in hastening the campaign in Africa where an expeditionary force is attempting to recapture Cape Town from the Dutch.

    Bolitho is still brooding over the loss of his flagship, and hi socntinuing personal troubles are only brightened by his love for Catherine, Lady Somervell. Setting aside his bitter memories and the anguish of a friendship betrayed, Bolitho takes passage in the ill-fated Golden Plover. With him sail others commanded by duty and lured by danger - and those who wish only to escape.

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